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Rene Caintic
Fearless & Far I love your Vlog in Bato Leyte! That BBQ food you guys had looks yummy !!! ... did you guys drive all the way to Baybay City - I grow up in Baybay 🙏
Comment from : Rene Caintic

Lady X
Gizzard 💚
Comment from : Lady X

Janella Colon
My mother's hometown 😍❤️
Comment from : Janella Colon

freyja MD
Isaw my favorite! ;)
Comment from : freyja MD

I love your voice and smart commentaries
Comment from : lipslicer

No on the gizzard for me too...
Comment from : NARILYN BAYLON

Christianne Deang
I think you guys are every Filipino lolas dream grandsons. Props to Bret for using his kami.
Comment from : Christianne Deang

the fun girl named Ella Ang her dog
Me I kinda like gizzards but my mom L♥️VE gizzards
Comment from : the fun girl named Ella Ang her dog

As someone who was born in the Philippines who immigrated and grew up in Canada I really appreciate your videos and enjoy seeing that people are having a great time there.
Comment from : distortish

Robstart B. A.
I feel hungry now Thanks Mik mik
Comment from : Robstart B. A.

Medyo Nerbyosa
whaaaaat?! you're a few km before my hometown 😭😭😭😭
Comment from : Medyo Nerbyosa

Marie Moffe
Love ur videos keep it coming!
Comment from : Marie Moffe

Very cool informative guy!
Comment from : maals

joan janao
I love d icecream mch.
Comment from : joan janao

Kareena Paner
The real mango float way taste's better than the one that you had. Its like tiramisu only we put mangoes instead of chocolate.
Comment from : Kareena Paner

Stephanie SC
No.. thanks. I'm Filipina born and raised in Philippines. But when it comes to animals internal organs....I'll draw a line. These definitely acquired taste.
Comment from : Stephanie SC

Chard LionHeart
i like the Collaboration of all of you, Good tandem...Thanks for promoting our Country, The Philippines
Comment from : Chard LionHeart

Neil Bryan Trasmonte
Comment from : Neil Bryan Trasmonte

Jeca Rivera
Sarap na mura pa! 👍👍👍
Comment from : Jeca Rivera

Real Rowena
Love to see you all guys fighter boys , kulas , mike , Finn, Daniel, Brit , and Kumar, injoy eating pilipino food
Comment from : Real Rowena

The Backpack Couple
Hey bud tell kumar to vlog also about his surfing and other stuff.
Comment from : The Backpack Couple

Yen Yen
Ang sarap nyan Kuya mike..😄
Comment from : Yen Yen

Jerald Javier
I just love how the fighter boys can all go together to a single place yet their contents are still unique from each other... and all contents are just top notch.
Comment from : Jerald Javier

Cheri Dae
Mango float looks yummy i have to try that 👍🏻😱
Comment from : Cheri Dae

Whinz Guevara
i love gizzard!
Comment from : Whinz Guevara

Danang Arbansa Nur
Hi man, you have a very cool tattoo! What does it called?
Comment from : Danang Arbansa Nur

FideliSaur YT
it is sausage with sugar😄😅
Comment from : FideliSaur YT

Jason Jon Mandreza
you're still here in Leyte?
Comment from : Jason Jon Mandreza

Kael Lei
its not longanizaa its a choriiizooooo
Comment from : Kael Lei

Reina Joy Rosal
This is my hometown, Bato. Great videos Mike ❤️
Comment from : Reina Joy Rosal

Glenda Rafer
You're reallly cool Mik Mik.
Comment from : Glenda Rafer

Electrixz Gaming
Comment from : Electrixz Gaming

We Need Some More That Was The Best Word We Use If You Enjoy Your Meals Good Job Bruh
Comment from : DON PULUBE

JB Productions
Come visit batangas too
Comment from : JB Productions

Juliemarie Carreon
I like ur vlogs Mike more informative..godbless 😇😇😇
Comment from : Juliemarie Carreon

Maria Ambrocio
I missed watching your vlog Mike that gizzard is balun-balunan in Tagalog and it is delicious specially when it is adobo
Comment from : Maria Ambrocio

mic Potato
Filipino street food is at the bottom of the list of Asian countries
Comment from : mic Potato

aneng lee
Bato Leyte♡
Comment from : aneng lee

Burrito Doge
Chicken gizzard is the stomach. The one that holds the seeds before going to the stomach is called the crop. Very informative video indeed...
Comment from : Burrito Doge

Stephen Arellano
The pictures u showed in the thumbnail and the intro is raw. That is why it looks like shit
Comment from : Stephen Arellano

Peter Lopez
Glad youl iked our street foods and thank you for visiting the philippines!
Comment from : Peter Lopez

mark jayson fernandez
Come here in Ormoc 😁
Comment from : mark jayson fernandez

Davis Urdaneta
This town is just 50 minutes away from my parent's hometown (Baybay City). You should have explored the Cuatro Islas. It's an amazing group of islands not from there.
Comment from : Davis Urdaneta

Michy vei
Drooling... this is so yummy!!
Comment from : Michy vei

Marco Paulo Travel
Love eating weird stuff like this! Makes the adventure that much sweeter
Comment from : Marco Paulo Travel

Naglalaway ako tuloy haha
Comment from : DALUBHASA TV

Jevon Bernardes
Did he just call the choriso a longanisa?
Comment from : Jevon Bernardes

kainjoy Flores
kalami street food ni crush
Comment from : kainjoy Flores

Rocky Dee
Dont tell me you have never seen a corndog before cause thats just a hotdog on a stick.
Comment from : Rocky Dee

glaiza quin

Gizzards adobo is the best. wish you could try someday. 😁

Comment from : glaiza quin

ariel jumawan
Beware of salmonella.. Been there.
Comment from : ariel jumawan

Allan Dumalsin
gizzard is actually the stomach not the one you were describing in th neck part.. haha
Comment from : Allan Dumalsin

Hanah Abejo
Yuuuum! 🤤
Comment from : Hanah Abejo

elena pagala
Oh Mike is a Canadian ok I support my fellow Canadian. Now Im a subscriber to all fighter boys.
Comment from : elena pagala

Juli T
I also hate gizzard!!!
Comment from : Juli T

Benjie Gil Odtujan
Wow you came here in our town!!
Comment from : Benjie Gil Odtujan

Erlinda V. Wambangco
On KULAS vlog apr 20 2019 , can’t wait see you w/ them FIGHTER BOYS 🙏👍😁
Comment from : Erlinda V. Wambangco

Erlinda V. Wambangco
Come back soon MIK MIK , I watch 20 min ago , GODBLESS 🙏👍😁
Comment from : Erlinda V. Wambangco

Jert the Observer
Gizard i dont like it too....
Comment from : Jert the Observer

I think most of your viewers are pinoy🤣
Comment from : LarSumaNiomai

Cyre Mangle
I love this show <3
Comment from : Cyre Mangle

D.A Silver
Try Siomai! Especially Kwek-kwek, Kikiam and Fishball!
Comment from : D.A Silver

Depression • 10 years ago
Kadiri amp
Chicken pops, isaw, at BBQ lang gusto kong street food

Comment from : Depression • 10 years ago

RedstoneGuy929 Gaming
Go to manila
Comment from : RedstoneGuy929 Gaming

Ali Malik
Hi Mick you already way to Pakistan trip?
Comment from : Ali Malik

The CREATOR- Mighty & more people
Wait a minute.... BBQ IS MY FAVORITE and fish :P
Comment from : The CREATOR- Mighty & more people

Lynard Ajero
mikmik! please bring me with you guys next time hehe
Comment from : Lynard Ajero

galliards #18
Comment from : galliards #18

Dzhones Torrefiel
Comment from : Dzhones Torrefiel

Jhaymar Vid x2
Comment from : Jhaymar Vid x2

eat it with salsal
Comment from : DcapNslapaho

Ian Bugay
When someone gives you a shot of beer, make sure you drink it all. It show respect from manginginom na pilipino
Comment from : Ian Bugay

GEmz Ordoyo
mango cream is awesome. BBQ slideshow lit. good presentation.
Comment from : GEmz Ordoyo

Eri Narvadez
Gizzards are good. Roasted or fried or the dish we call adobo, we got chicken liver/gizzards adobo. Delish 😋👌. Thumbs up for trying our local streetfood, I mean it's not for a weak stomach but you did tried it so goodjob.
Comment from : Eri Narvadez

My mouth was watering the whole time
Comment from : HeyitsKayC

honey my Love
my fave bbq😋😋
Comment from : honey my Love

Kimberly ann Tugagao
nagutom ako huhu bat ang unti ng kanin nyo!! mamaya nga bibili ako ng bbq
Comment from : Kimberly ann Tugagao

Aiz Anderson
Makatulo laway 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Aiz Anderson

Rosalinda Domen
Mik2 i 💓 you😘
Comment from : Rosalinda Domen

Christhian Roldan
Kamusta mga pilipino

Like kung pilipino ka

Comment from : Christhian Roldan

jeff igaya
sir you should try to go to Vigan ilocos sur they got some great things there too i love watchin ur videos much love from hawaii
Comment from : jeff igaya

dafuq! i sub all you guys! hahahaha
Comment from : Octactical_mnl

Luvelyn Dacuma
Funny thing for me is that i first subscribed Pinpin. I find him emotional and kind hearted. Second was Kulas he has massive charisma to filipinos, very filipino attitude. Third was Bret. Oh so handsome, for me he is like the celebrity in the group coz he’s so gwapo yet later i realized he has a good humor also, rarely to have so gwapo face yet funny. Fourth was Dan uhm find him serious or maybe i havent watched much of his videos yet in the future i will. The last one was you Mike, your vlogs for me is more interesting that made me watched your next next next videos. Though i have said that Bret is so gwapo in the group for me lang naman, but u win my heart weeew ( as if you know me and that i am like a judge) lol. You win because the way you edited ur vlogs and the topics are very informative and full. You win though ur not the most gwapo in the group but the sex appeal is really really high. That make me so kilig and dreamt of what if someday out nowhere i found you vlogging here Cebu i would love to have a picture with you. You’re my crush actually(feeling teenager yucks! Lol) I so love you. I am ur new fan. Hope u have IG, FB so we can follow u guys as well. Thanks for keep coming to the Philippines. 😘
Comment from : Luvelyn Dacuma

Connie Rose Torrente
thank u for featuring my home town
Comment from : Connie Rose Torrente

Have Fun
That gizzard (batikon/ BAA-TEA-CONE) is so good., for us filipino., and there's an old saying, that when you eat BATIKON it will make ur P**nis /d*ck strong and hard😁😁., but for filipino kids who are not yet circumcised (not yet TULI/TWO.LEE) are not allowed to eat that., for they will not grow their d*ck bigger.,,
Shout out all fighter boys.,, #bret #finn #kulas #daniel and the others who i did see their vlog yet..,,

Comment from : Have Fun

Very cheaap country
Comment from : CutiePie

reschelle jacob
Comment from : reschelle jacob

ian baggins
Comment from : ian baggins

Faker Himuro
Mannnn I've been living in Canada for only like 4 years and this vlog makes me feel homesick! :(

Awesome video anyways! Thanks for giving it first a try and appreciation with the foods!

Comment from : Faker Himuro

marian cruz
proud to be filipino😊enjoy staying there guys and have fun...😊😊😊
Comment from : marian cruz

Comment from : Layput

Raquel Canto
Mikmik that's the exact stall where we usually eat barbecue..glad you visited our place bato leyte .. baywalk is just walking distance in our place 😁
Comment from : Raquel Canto

jester pan
you're in leyte!? where you at!?
Comment from : jester pan

Edge 12
There's betamaxx (chicken/pork blood), Adidas (chicken feet) and helmet (chicken head) as well.
Comment from : Edge 12

Oh i saw Finn :)
Comment from : Jaymart

Drew ang
Comment from : Drew ang

Vegans have left the chat.
Comment from : bagoh4

Christine Doller-Poligrates
Its not longganisa, it’s chorizo
They are two different things
The looks of those say alot 😊

Comment from : Christine Doller-Poligrates

Perez F Raymond
omg, im hungry
Comment from : Perez F Raymond

Henry Lumanog
Mango flute yummy and sweet mga bay lami a ana oi
Comment from : Henry Lumanog

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